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Ms. Joozan Khaleel is currently completing her final year of LLB at the Maldives National University. She has previously received the National Highest Result in Economics in 2011 whilst completing her Cambridge CGE O Levels in Hiriya School. Ms. Joozan was placed 1st in the World for Accounting in 2014 Edexcel London GCE A Levels from Villa International High School, for which she also received National Award for Special Achievement. 

Ms. Joozan has served the government for almost five years; at the Maldives Inland Revenue Authority as an Assistant Audit Officer at the Large Taxpayer Service Department and at the Attorney General’s Office as a Secretariat for the Civil Litigation Section. 

She is currently self-employed and consults small businesses on their tax and accounting affairs.


It is our collective social responsibility to realize the struggles and limitations faced by migrant workers and do what we can to make our home theirs as well.

Ms. Joozan Khaleel


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